How Accreditation is Changing the Healthcare Industry in Latin America

How Accreditation is Changing the Healthcare Industry in Latin America

Health center, dental clinicss and hospitals in Latin America are among those that have benefited the most from medical tourism. Latin American countries are natural destinations for American and Canadian medical tourists, specially those countries that already had advanced health and dental centers, like Costa Rica or Mexico.

“Local hospitals and dental clinics have always been regulated by their governments, but with the constant influx of foreign patients, local endorsements just aren’t enough,” says Dr. John Olsen, President of Acreditas Global, the international subsidiary of the US-based AAAHC and one of the leading healthcare accreditation organizations in the world.

Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company, a leading global healthcare marketing agency also believes that accreditation is critical for international providers. “A patient from New York or Chicago who is looking for dental implants in Mexico will consider a stamp of approval from the local ministry of health as an indication that the dental clinic is top-notch. Patients understand that national ministry of health certifications are the bare minimum for safe care. Patients are seeking ways to distinguish the best care from poor or mediocre care. Accreditation by an international organization dedicated to evaluating and endorsing those institutions that meet the highest standards will definitely be viewed favorably by patients,” says Goodness.

“Our commitment is to work with healthcare providers in Latin America and around the world, to support them through the accreditation process, and to make certain that accreditation through Acreditas Global it is a helpful and affordable process. We work to be in constant communication with candidates, answering questions and providing information,” says Dr. Olson.

As more facilities in Latin America receive accreditation, the bar will be raised for others and accreditation will be seen not only as an advantage for the organizations that obtain it, but as a disadvantage for the organizations that don’t. It’s important to remember that accreditation is considered essential in many countries already and as medicine becomes more international, this will be equally true for countries in Latin America.

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