The Accreditation Process: How to Get Started

The Accreditation ProcessThe process starts when you apply for accreditation by completing our online Application for Survey. The application is simple and straightforward and consists of nine sections that you can complete in any order. Each section will display a status bar that indicates how much of that section is completed. There is no time limit to complete the application, and at any time you can log off and come back to your application at a later time.

The fields to be completed in the application are self-explanatory and most administrative or medical staff members will be able to complete the Application for Survey. If you should have any questions, there are several ways you can obtain additional information. Clicking on the FAQ in the upper right corner of the Application for Survey will direct you to a page with Frequently Asked Questions. We also encourage you to contact Acreditas Global’s office and one of our team members will be happy to answer your questions.

You can find the Application for Survey here

Once you finish and submit your Application for Survey, an Acreditas Global coordinator will review it. The information from your Application will be used to determine the standards of quality that apply to your organization, as well as the need for specific assistance in areas such as cultural sensitivity training, education or solution oriented support. You will also receive a quote for the cost of your survey that is adjusted based on your geographic location.

In order to increase the chances of a positive result for your organization, we encourage you to prepare your organization before our Surveyor visits. You can conduct a self-evaluation process by purchasing the latest version of the handbook that applies to your organization. By using the handbook as a checklist, you can make sure that your processes and organization are in compliance with the highest levels of patient care in the world.

You can find our list of publications here

Once your Application for Survey has been approved and your organization has completed its self-evaluation, it is time for the visit of an Acreditas Global Surveyor. He or she is not there to judge you or supervise you, but rather to work in partnership to help your organization reach it’s objective: to be a high-quality healthcare service provider recognized by patients and other stakeholders.

After the Surveyor’s visit, you’ll receive a copy of the Summary Report prior to its submission to the Accreditation Committee, who will make the decision regarding your organization’s accreditation.