Accreditation Programs

As part of Acreditas Global’s commitment to helping healthcare organizations achieve the highest quality patient care levels in the industry, we have developed several specialized programs for this purpose. Each is tailored to address the specific patient care needs for a given type of healthcare organization. If your type of organization is not named here, you are welcome to contact us to learn if Acreditas Global offers accreditation for your area of specialization.

Hospital Accreditation Program

Hospitals provide the widest range of patient care services. They typically offer round-the-clock care, employ a wide variety of highly trained medical professionals and maintain a range of specialized equipment. Acreditas Global’s Hospital Accreditation Program will enhance and protect the professional standing and investment required of hospitals. Hospital accreditation is valued by patients worldwide and is, for many, a key deciding factor in selecting their hospital of choice.

Clinic Accreditation Program

Acreditas Global’s Clinic Accreditation Program is designed to help smaller or more specialized organizations achieve accreditation. Although typically not as large or complex as hospitals, quality patient care is just as important in a clinical setting. Furthermore, clinics benefit greatly from accreditation since it puts their commitment to quality patient care at the same level as larger institutions.

Dental Clinic Accreditation Program

Because of their specialized nature, Dental Clinics with accreditation stand out from the competition and tend to attract more patients, receive more referrals and increase their standing in the medical community. Acreditas Global’s Dental Clinic Accreditation Program addresses the specific needs of a dental care environment and the highly specialized equipment found there.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Accreditation Program

Having surgery is a decision that patients make carefully. Ambulatory Surgery Centers that have accreditation show commitment to the high standards that patients that require surgery are looking for. Acreditas Global’s Ambulatory Surgery Center Accreditation Program is designed to address and support the specific needs and factors required for this type of organization.

Occupational Medicine Center Accreditation Program

Occupational Medicine Centers are important for both workers and employers. Workers in need of occupational medicine will want the highest quality of care they can get, and employers want to associate with trustworthy organizations (or are required by law to obtain an accredited partner). Our Occupational Medicine Center Accreditation Program assists those organizations with a commitment to quality care in achieving accreditation.

MRI and x-Ray Center Accreditation Program

Scanning and imaging are important processes in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and conditions. Accreditation increases the likelihood that a MRI and x-Ray Centers will be the first choice of health professionals who are committed to the well-being of their patients. Acreditas Global’s MRI and x-Ray Center Accreditation Program is designed to assist these organizations achieve accreditation.