Why Choose Acreditas Global?

Why should a healthcare organization choose
Acreditas Global to partner for excellence in patient care and safety?



Acreditas Global has all the tools, knowledge and experience of its parent organization, the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC), the authority in healthcare certification in the United States. Choosing Acreditas Global as your local accreditation partner is the same as choosing AAAHC.

With experience delivering education and solutions to thousands of healthcare organizations since 1979, AAAHC has been selected by the American government to accredit centers that provide Medicare and Medicaid services, as well as the US Military.


We know that healthcare services in many international locations charge different, oftentimes lower rates for healthcare services when compared to their American counterparts. Because of this, many international hospitals and healthcare centers have decide not to opt for accreditation in the past. At Acreditas Global, we provide affordable accreditation services to ensure that quality healthcare accreditation is achievable for healthcare organizations of varying sizes. Our adjusted pricing makes it a real possibility for international healthcare organizations to reap the benefits of having one of the most prestigious accreditation companies as its strategic partner.


Acreditas Global is an organization focused 100% on your healthcare organization’s needs. We offer personal, attentive, and ongoing service and communication. We stand by you during every step of the way, making sure that the process works for you. We don’t try to straightjacket our applicants into a rigid system.

We are guides, not inspectors. We answer questions, rather than demand answers. We strive to offer you solutions both during and after the accreditation process, that deliver tangible results that will positively impact your ability to serve your patients.

Cultural Sensitivity

Acreditas Global is a solution-oriented, accreditation partner with a global cultural understanding. We also understand that each region has valid healthcare practices, values, and goals that are part of the local culture. We try to integrate them as much as possible in the process because we know that, regardless of where you are or which language you speak, your number-one concern is to give your patients the best healthcare possible. We want to help you achieve that goal.

Acreditas Global is your path to continuous improvement and excellence in patient care and safety.

Better Accreditation.
Better Patient Experience.
Better Business.

We are Acreditas Global: Elevating the Patient Experience