Broken tooth on airplane leads to exceptional service in Peru

On the way down to Lima, Peru this week I broke a tooth on the airplane.

I was fortunate to be in Lima where there is an AAAHC International (now Acreditas Global) accredited dental practice, Smiles Peru. I emailed them for an appointment and was seen at noon the next day.  I needed to have an old amalgam filling removed and decay that was present, where the tool broke, drilled out to be fitted for the crown.  They have incredible computer-assisted technology which creates a new crown to exact 3-D dimensions in a short period of time.

I went back the next morning to be fitted for the crown and then a day later to see how it felt and to do final trimming and polishing.  Also I had two small cavities, which were a surprise since I saw my home dentist just 2 weeks ago.  Their high resolution photos showed the cavities clearly and I had them fixed also.  Looking at the teeth, I can’t tell which are the crown and which are my real teeth.  The color matches perfectly.  All of this was painless and the dentists and the entire staff were outstanding.  And the pricing was significantly less than in the US.

– Jack Egnatinsky Medical Director for Acreditas Global



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