New accredited dental facility in Guatemala City: GrupoDent

GrupoDent, a dental facility in Guatemala City, Guatemala is the most recent organization to receive accreditation from Acreditas Global.

To achieve accreditation, health organizations participate in on-going self-evaluation, peer review and education. The Acreditas Global accreditation process requires an onsite visit to the organization by experienced health care surveyors who review the organization’s adherence to international Standards in service, safety and quality at the point of patient care.

“AAAHC prides itself on the consultative, peer-based approach to surveys that helps organizations achieve success through collaboration and guidance,” said Beth Derby, Chair of the Acreditas Global Board of Directors. “This foundation has enabled AAAHC to expand its industry-leading accreditation program internationally. We are thrilled to add GrupoDent to our list of accredited facilities.”

Created to recognize international health organizations that demonstrate medical care quality on par with the strict U.S.-based standards, Acreditas Global accreditation assures both the local population and international tourists of a facility’s ability to deliver safe, high-quality care. Continuous quality improvement is a central component of Acreditas Global accreditation, which continues to spread into new international markets worldwide.


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