Peruvian Cancer Treatment Center First Organization to Achieve Acreditas Global Reaccreditation

Aliada Contra El Cáncer Provides Care that Rivals International Peers in Quality, Safety and Service

(Lima, Peru) June 9, 2015 – Aliada Contra El Cáncer, a cancer treatment center in Lima, Peru, is the first in the world to receive reaccreditation from Acreditas Global, the international arm of the United States-based Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

Located in the San Isidro district of Lima, Aliada Contra El Cáncer annually serves 16,000 patients in prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. The center has partnered with Johns Hopkins, one of the top hospitals in the United States, to exchange knowledge, expertise and best practices. Through this partnership, Aliada Contra El Cáncer staff has developed a comprehensive breast cancer program, and have taken on new infection control and medical safety initiatives. Health care quality improvement programs such as these are a central component of Acreditas Global accreditation.

“To be the first center in the world to receive reaccreditation from Acreditas Global demonstrates that Aliada Contra El Cáncer is at the forefront internationally of providing high quality, patient-focused care,” said. Dr. Carlos Carracedo Gonzales an oncologist and medical director of Aliada Contra El Cáncer. “An expert Acreditas Global surveyor found the staff, technology and facilities of Aliada Contra El Cáncer meet the high Standards used to evaluate the competency of medical providers worldwide.”

The rigorous Acreditas Global accreditation process requires an onsite visit to the organization by a trained medical surveyor, who reviews the organization’s adherence to international Standards in service, safety and patient care.

“We are grateful to have worked closely with the excellent staff at Aliada Contra El Cáncer over the last several years and we congratulate them on once again achieving accreditation,” said Dr. Jack Egnatinsky, a trained accreditation surveyor and medical director of Acreditas Global. “With Acreditas Global accreditation, Aliada Contra El Cáncer staff has proven they deliver medical care that meets or exceeds the quality of that being administered by their peers throughout the Americas.”

Acreditas Global is a subsidiary of AAAHC which, with more than 6,000 organizations accredited across the United States, is the country’s leader in ambulatory health care accreditation. The goal of Acreditas Global is to create an international accreditation that demonstrates the high quality of a medical provider to both a medical facility’s local population and international tourists. Acreditas Global modeled its quality standards after those AAAHC uses to accredit health care providers in the United States.

Aliada Contra El Cáncer successfully reapplied for Acreditas Global reaccreditation after its first three-year accreditation term expired. Acreditas Global will now accredit the cancer treatment facility for another three-year term. In addition to its main facility, Aliada Contra El Cáncer satellite centers in Lima, Sanna/San Borja and Sanna/El Golf Clinics, and in the cities of Arequipa, Piura and Trujillo have also received the reaccreditation.

About Acreditas Global
Acreditas Global is an international health care accreditation organization devoted to helping hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, medical centers, dental care providers, emergency care centers and other health care organizations achieve and commit to the highest international standards in service, safety and patient care. Acreditas Global certifies this high level of achievement through the awarding of accreditation, which requires an onsite survey. For more information, visit

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), founded in 1979, is the United States leader in ambulatory health care accreditation with more than 6,000 organizations accredited nationwide. AAAHC accredits a variety of ambulatory health care organizations, including ambulatory surgery centers, office-based surgery centers, college student health centers, health plans/managed care organizations, military health care clinics, large medical and dental practices and medical homes. AAAHC serves as an advocate for the provision of high-quality health care through the development of nationally recognized standards and through its survey and accreditation programs. AAAHC accreditation is recognized as a symbol of quality by third-party payers and medical organizations, liability insurance companies, state and federal agencies and the public. For more information, visit


From left to right:
Top row:  Dr. José Carlos Revilla, Tania Pérez, Miriam Meza, Doraliza Dávila.
Middle row: Dr. Jorge Váldes, Dr. Silvia Falcón, Mariana Carracedo Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ethel Patazca.
Bottom row:  Francisco Feliú Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rosario Uribe, Dr. Carlos Carracedo, María Eugenia Gamboa, Dr. Juan Marquina.



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