Acreditas Global Standards

The standards contained in the Acreditas Global Handbook for Ambulatory Health Care describe the characteristics of a healthcare organization that can be accredited. The standards are written mostly in general terms, with the purpose of allowing each organization to achieve compliance in the form that is most compatible with its particular practices yet still adhering to an internationally high-quality level of patient care. Some of the standards are written in specific terms, when Acreditas Global feels that using a general term would be limiting.

Application of the Standards

The core standards contained in chapters 1 through 8 are applied to every organization that is seeking accreditation from Acreditas Global. The adjunct standards contained in chapters 9 to 25 are applied depending on the services provided by an organization. For example, an organization that provides urgent healthcare services must meet the cores standards as well as the applicable adjunct standards. Some multi-specialty organizations may find that they have to comply with the core standards as well as all of the adjunct standards of the Handbook. In case of doubt of which adjunct standards apply to your organization, please contact us.

In the Handbook there are references to specific documents or standards published by other organizations. If those publications are updated with new editions, the new editions will only be considered as authoritative references after Acreditas Global has approved them.

Comments and Suggestions about the Standards

Acreditas Global is always adapting to the needs of the market. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the reasonableness or clarity of our standards, please send them to Acreditas Global Standards, Handbook, Accreditation, Application for Survey Acreditas Global:

.Every August, the Standards and Survey Procedures Committee (SSPC) recommends revisions to the standards for the next year. The recommended changes are posted as a survey document on this site. We ask our members and all interested parties to provide their comments and insights on these changes.

The SSPC then submits its recommended revisions, the relevant public comments, and any other relevant information to the Acreditas Global Board of Directors for review and final approval in November.