Public Notice of Survey

Except in the case of random and discretionary surveys, Acreditas Global requires that a Notice of Accreditation Survey be posted in prominent places throughout the organization for 30 calendar days before the scheduled survey’s date. If the organization confirms the scheduled survey in a time frame shorter than 30 calendar days, the Notice of Accreditation Survey still has to be posted for a minimum of 30 calendar days, even if the period extends beyond the end of the survey.

In order to make sure that there is consistency in the postings of the Notice, Acreditas Global sends copies of the Notice of Accreditation Survey to the organization. Acreditas Global gives the organization permission to reproduce the Notice of Accreditation survey for the purposes of the scheduled survey only.

In case of failure of posting the Notice, the survey will take place, but the organization will not receive accreditation until the Notice has been posted for 30 calendar days, and even so, only if the organization has shown compliance with the standards. During this time, the organization might request an opportunity to present information relevant to the process, in which case, at the expense of the organization, a surveyor may be sent to review the information.

During the on-site survey, the general public, the patients, and the staff of the organization may present relevant information about the providing of healthcare services and how it relates to their compliance with Acreditas Global Standards. Such individuals may opt to present such information in writing directly to the offices of Acreditas Global. All the information received in this way will be considered for the evaluation of the organization.

Any request to present information during the on-site survey should be submitted to Acreditas Global at least two weeks before the survey. Acreditas Global will send copy of acknowledgment of reception of such a request to the applicant organization. The organization is responsible for informing the individual who sent such a request of the date, time, and place of the presentation of said information to the surveyor.