Related Entities

Organizations with Multiple Service Locations

In case of organizations that have several sites, Acreditas Global will decide what sites will be visited during a survey.

If the organization states that a specific location should not be surveyed, the site in question will not be listed in the Certificate of Accreditation.

Inclusion of Related Patient Care Entity or Service

Acreditas Global will agree to survey a sub-unit of a bigger legal entity if it determines that the sub-unit is autonomous enough and is able to meet the Standards of Acreditas Global on its own. In such cases, the accreditation will be awarded to the sub-unit only.

If the sub-unit belongs to a bigger legal entity or is a different legal entity from the bigger organization, the accreditation survey will include aspects of the bigger organization. In any case, the accreditation will be given to the sub-unit only.

Organizational integration

Organizational integration means that the governing body of the applicant’s organization controls the budget and resource allocations for the unit in question. When separate corporate entities are involved, organizational integration is when more than 50 percent of the same governing body on both the boards of the applicant organization and the other organization.

Functional integration

Functional integration means that the entity meets at least 4 of the following criteria and at least one of those is criterion number 1, 2, or 3

1 The applicant organization and the related entity or service occupies physical space in a way that they appear to the public as being a single organization.

2 The applicant organization and the related entity share a common organized medical or professional staff.

3 The human resources department of the applicant organization is responsible for the hiring of the staff of the related entity and service, as well as the development and implementation of staff activities.

4 The applicant organization manages all the operations of the related entity or service.

5 The applicant organization selects and implements quality programs and other activities aimed at improving the performance of the related entity or service.

6 The services provided by the related entity are billed by and under the name of the applicant organization.

7 The policies and procedures are applicable to the related entity or service with few or no exceptions.

8 The patients’ records treated by the entity are integrated into the recording system of the applicant organization, or vice-versa.