Types of Surveys

Acreditas Global offers several types of surveys for organizations that are in different stages of their organizational development cycle or accreditation process.

Early Option Survey

Early Option Surveys (EOS) are designed for organizations that haven’t received accreditation yet but otherwise meet the eligibility criteria of Acreditas Global and have been providing healthcare services for less than six months.

These organizations must:
1) Meet local laws and regulations that requires accreditation before the facility can legally begin operations, or

2) Be newly constructed and operational but require accreditation for third-party reimbursement, and waiting longer than six months for the accreditation would affect them financially.

In addition, the organization must:

  • Complete an Application for Survey.
  • Licensure or provisional licensure has been obtained from the appropriate governmental authority. If there is no law about licensure, then the organization must present a statement from the appropriate authority indicating so. If the government requires a licensure survey, but the survey cannot be conducted until immediately prior to opening for preliminary licensure, the verification of the license or licensure survey must be obtained by the Acreditas Global surveyors at the time of the survey.
  • Have the building where the healthcare services will be delivered built and ready to deliver such services, with evidence of clearance by inspectors of local firefighting departments, health departments or other code enforcement agencies.
  • Provide the date to begin operations.
  • Have all the governance and administrative structures in place, such as bylaws, policies, procedures, etc.
  • Have employed all of its key executives.
  • Have its entire medical staff credentialed and approved by the governing body of the organization.
  • Have all the necessary equipment in place, tested and calibrated, with up-to-date maintenance logs or records in place.

Acreditas Global will review the Application for Survey as well as the supporting documents before establishing survey dates.

Initial Accreditation Survey

Initial accreditation surveys are conducted for:

a) Organizations that have not been accredited by Acreditas Global, but have been providing healthcare services for at least six months before the on-site survey.

b) Organizations whose Acreditas accreditation has expired and are seeking it again.

Organizations who fall in either of these categories must complete and submit an online Application for Survey as well as the appropriate supporting documentation. After reviewing the Application and the documents, Acreditas Global will contact the organization to establish survey dates.

Re-accreditation Survey

Re-accreditation surveys are for organizations that are currently under Acreditas Global accreditation and are seeking continuous, uninterrupted accreditation.

Interim Surveys

Interim surveys are aimed at organizations that are currently under Acreditas Global accreditation that require oversight in order to make sure they are in ongoing compliance with the accreditation standards.

Random & Discretionary Surveys

Random Surveys

In order to support the initiatives of Acreditas Global quality assurance, an organization that has received accreditation might be selected for a random survey 9 to 30 months after their last accreditation survey. Organizations selected for random surveys are chosen in a way to proportionally represent geographical areas, practice settings and accreditation categories. Random surveys are unannounced, conducted by one surveyor and may last one full day. These surveys allow Acreditas Global to evaluate its program and show that accredited organizations are in a constant commitment to Acreditas Global standards. The surveys also allow Acreditas Global to keep in touch with its accredited organizations and to give each other mutual feedback that results in higher quality healthcare for patients. Unlike other types of surveys, random surveys do not require a fee.

Discretionary Surveys

Discretionary surveys are conducted when, at the discretion of Acreditas Global, there are reasonable concerns about the continued compliance of an organization that has received accreditation. At the discretion of Acreditas Global, an accredited organization may undergo a discretionary survey at any time without advanced notice. A fee may be charged to the organization when a discretionary survey is conducted.